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Bajaur attack is a major failure of state institutions, where were 26 intelligence agencies missing: Maulana Fazlur Rehman

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that efforts are being made to break his party's contact with

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44 killed in Bajaur blast: ‘My student’s body was lying in front of me

Today in Bajaur Qayamat is small. A relative of every village, nation, tribe has died in this incident, everyone is

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Shabbar Zaidi and Asad Umar face off over claims related to default during Imran Khan’s tenure

Former Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) chief Shabbar Zaidi claims that Asad Umar was removed as finance minister in the

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Army officers serving in sensitive positions are barred from participating in politics for five years after retirement: What could be the purpose of the amendments to the Army Act?

Pakistan's upper house i.e. the Senate has unanimously passed a bill based on the amendments made by the present government

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‘Confused’ MPs and Legislature Law Minister’s assurances: What amendments have been made in the Election Act and what were the criticisms?

International organizations are concerned that Pakistan is going to have a big investment in September. The World Bank is asking

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Online loan apps: ‘After my husband’s nude photos were shared, my photos were also uploaded on the wrong website’

'Edited pictures of my husband were sent to our acquaintances, in which my husband was shown naked with another woman,

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Karunjhar: What is the dispute over the extraction of precious stones from the ‘holy’ mountain range of Sindh?

The government of Pakistan's Sindh province has canceled the auction process for extracting red granite stones from the Karunjhar mountain

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Manipur: ‘The crowd said your people raped our women, now the same will happen to you’

New evidence of more allegations of violence against women is emerging after a video of two women being paraded naked

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Sex Offender Registry: Can This System Stop Child Rape and Sex Crime in Pakistan?

Cases of sexual violence against children are increasing in Pakistan's Punjab province and the number of young boys is more

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Will Parvez Khattak, a ‘manipulation expert’, be able to break the Tehreek-e-Insaf vote in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

Soon after the formation of a new political party named Tehreek-e-Insaf Parliamentarian by former Chief Minister Pervez Khattak in Khyber

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90 or 60 days: When will the elections be held in Pakistan after the dissolution of the assembly?

All eyes are on the upcoming election in Pakistan, but there is still a lot of uncertainty about it. The

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Rohingya refugees refuse to return to Myanmar: ‘Better to kill us and send our bodies back’

Refugees now residing in Bangladesh are being paid $2,000 per family to return home, a contentious proposal. Around 800,000 Muslim

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A country suffering from the fever of making world records, in front of which Guinness World Records also joined hands

By the time you finish reading this article, another strange world record may have been set or attempted in Africa's

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Kerala gay couple: ‘If doctors can’t understand our relationship, how will others understand?’

He, and I, understood each other well, there was a good harmony between us and we did not choose each

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How will the decision of Muslim League-N not to form a political alliance in Punjab be proved in the upcoming elections?

The statements given by the leaders of Pakistan Muslim League-N during the last few days in Pakistan have started a

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