How To Take Screenshot On A Laptop

How To Take Screenshot On A Laptop


How To Take Screenshot On A Laptop
How To Take Screenshot On A Laptop


Taking a screenshot (sometimes called a display screen capture) on a laptop can be a beneficial way to seize a particular image or website page. A screenshot can be helpful for many tasks, such as sharing with friends, recording for a video, or honestly saving for later.

Luckily, taking a screenshot on most laptop computer PCs is an exceptionally effortless process. Whether you have a Dell, HP, Apple, or another kind of laptop, this guide will explain the few steps integral to taking a screenshot.

Before beginning, make sure to find the “Print Screen” key on your laptop’s keyboard. It will typically be placed somewhere towards the top-right of the keyboard with different abbreviated keys. On Macs, the screenshot key is labeled “Command-Shift-3”.

Step 1: Take a Full-Screen Screenshot

If you prefer to take a screenshot of the entire screen, certainly press the “Print Screen” button. The display will right now turn out to be dimmed and you will have taken the whole-screen snapshot.


Step 2: Take A Screenshot of An Active Window

If you solely prefer to take a screenshot of a lively window (such as a document, spreadsheet, or net page), use the “Alt-Print Screen” combination. This will take a photo of solely the lively window and now not the whole screen.


Step 3: Save the Screenshot

Now that the screenshot has been taken, you will need to shop for the picture. Go to any picture editing program and pick the “New” command. From there, you can paste the screenshot picture by way of pressing Ctrl-V, or you can pick “Paste” from the Edit menu. Save the picture file at any place you’d like on your computer.

Although this information focuses on laptops, you can use any of these steps to take a screenshot on other units such as iPads, iPhones, and Androids. The same primary steps apply; simply the key aggregate might also be slightly different.

Taking a screenshot on a laptop is an easy system that solely requires a couple of steps. When in doubt, refer to the keyboard to hit upon the “Print Screen” key. After it’s situated, the rest is easy. Have fun!

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