How To Start Your Blogging Journey: Tips and Guidance for Beginners

Start Your Blogging Journey: Tips and Guidance for Beginners


Start Your Blogging Journey: Tips and Guidance for Beginners
Start Your Blogging Journey: Tips and Guidance for Beginners


At any point contemplated beginning a blog? It’s an incredible method for getting your voice heard, becoming a piece of an internet-based local area, or keeping a web-based record of your life. It’s a pleasant side interest and can propose a lot of splendid open doors, yet it can appear to be exceptionally overwhelming with regards to beginning one.

The uplifting news is, it’s quite simple, and generally you can get everything rolling for nothing. We’ll talk you through how to begin a blog and offer some publishing content to blog tips. We’ll likewise assist you with concluding which stage is best for you: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or Medium.


Pick a Subject For Your Blog

The main thing you’ll have to choose is the thing your blog will be about. Around here at Tech Counsel, loads of our scholars additionally have sites of their own about things that interest us beyond the universe of innovation.

For instance, Surveys Supervisor Chris Martin’s blog Liquor by Volume is about lager, spirits, homemade libation, and music, while mine, Ashleigh On the web, is a scholarly blog with a hint of home, way of life, and travel. Staff Author Hannah’s blog is known as The London Nerd, about nerd culture and the way of life in the capital.

You can blog about pretty much anything. It’s your cut of the web prepared for you to put your stamp on. It’s essential to pick something that you’re keen on because it’s unpleasant by any means if publishing content to a blog starts to feel like an errand.


What’s The Best Publishing Content For a Blog Stage?

When you’re certain that you’ve picked what you need to blog about and picked an infectious name, you can begin contemplating the contributing to a blog stage you need to utilize. There are a few principal choices, all with very various advantages. In this article, we center around WordPress (facilitated and self-facilitated), Blogger, Tumblr, and Medium.

Extra choices you might wish to investigate incorporate Wix or Squarespace. Wix is a decent choice for novices with simple website composition, and Squarespace is comparative however can get expensive.



We’ll begin with the most easygoing publishing content to a blog foundation of the four: Tumblr. Tumblr is all the more an interpersonal organization rather than writing for a blog stage, yet it’s where many sites start.

Its feed and hashtags mean you can get your blog entries before loads of individuals all along, yet we’ve found that it turns out best for ‘fandoms’ (that is the thing they’re calling bunches with a specific fixation on VIP, film series, book, and so on. Individuals from the Harry Potter fan call themselves ‘Potterheads’ for instance, or Beyoncé fans are known as the ‘Beyhive’).

If the subject you’ve picked squeezes into the being fan class, Tumblr is most likely an extraordinary spot to begin your blog. It’s likewise really great for those hoping to post general photographs as opposed to articles with bunches of text.

I have an easygoing site on Tumblr from years gone by called Book Spotter London. I picked Tumblr for this one since I realized it would be an extremely relaxed blog that highlights sensibly short and basic posts that generally have a similar design. It doesn’t need various classes, a menu, or a more complicated plan, so it functions admirably as a Tumblr blog.

What’s more, assuming that you truly do choose to go with Tumblr yet are stressed that you’ll later alter your perspective, you’ll be satisfied to hear that it’s genuinely simple to relocate your whole blog over to Blogger or WordPress sometime in the not too distant future without losing any of its substance.



Blogger is Google’s publishing content to a blog stage. A free stage requires a Google account. The free record will get you admittance to different layouts and a URL that finishes in, yet you can pay to add your format and URL.

There is a huge number of Blogger planners out there with layouts you can purchase for a little expense or commission if you’re searching for something exceptional to you. A famous decision among magnificence and way of life bloggers is Pipdig, for instance. ThemeForest likewise has parcels accessible.

Furthermore, to purchase your space name (URL) you can do so using Blogger itself or from any semblance of GoDaddy, 123-reg, Ionos, and others for a little yearly charge. It’ll cost you someplace in the district of £15/$15 each year to purchase your space name, however, you can get the principal year for only two or three quid by and large. It merits consideration, regardless of what stage you pick, since it’ll make your blog somewhat more expert.

We believe Blogger’s sans norm layouts will generally look more dated than those you’ll pay for, especially contrasted and WordPress’ free choices, which we discuss beneath.

One of the advantages of Blogger is that you can utilize Adsense, which could procure you a couple of additional pennies because of promoting your blog.
Like WordPress, you’ll get examinations to assist you with following the number of individuals that are perusing your posts and where they came from.

Likewise, with Tumblr, there are ways of moving from Blogger to WordPress sometime in the not-too-distant future on the off chance that you in the end choose it’s not ideal for you.



Like Blogger, you can set up a WordPress blog totally for nothing with a URL that closes in and a free layout from the expansive WordPress determination. There are likewise paid-for layout choices here that give you some more plan choices yet remain facilitated by WordPress, so you won’t have to stress over buying a space name or tracking down a server to have your site on (you’ll figure out more about this beneath).

WordPress is our foundation of the decision since it has a basic and natural connection point that you’ll become acclimated to in the blink of an eye, notwithstanding a superior determination of free layouts.

It’s truly simple for perusers to follow, as, and remark on your blog on WordPress as well, which is both inspiring and valuable for supporting commitment and site hits.

One disadvantage to is that you could see a few little adverts on your blog that are put there by WordPress. It’s basically how you’re ready to utilize the help for nothing. You will not get any cash for these advertisements and you will not have the option to eliminate them, however fortunately they’re tiny and unpretentious.

If you have any desire to have full command over your blog’s plan and its adverts and are OK with taking on a few additional specialized difficulties that might require some investment to dominate (there’s a lot of help accessible from WordPress would it be a good idea for you want it), we’d suggest You’ll get everything accessible from and parts more.

This is not a free choice, so is better for those who’ve had a blog previously, are hoping to move from another publishing content to a blog stage, or are proposing to treat contributing to a blog very in seriously way every step of the way. will expect you to purchase or construct your layout (there are thousands to browse, and devices that let you fabricate your own assuming you have an unmistakable plan as a main priority) and you’ll have to track down someplace to have it. We make sense of more about this and educate you to probably the best-facilitating choices in our gathering together of the best web-facilitating administrations.

Assuming this is beginning to sound a piece overwhelming, you may be satisfied to hear that there are a lot of administrations out there that will set up your blog for yourself and apply your plan prepared for you to add your substance. Numerous layout creators will offer this help for nothing if you get one of their formats, and others will charge a little expense. can be redone further using modules. These can be anything from Google Examination to Website optimization apparatuses or pamphlets. You can learn about the absolute best in our rundown of the main 8 WordPress modules.

My blog began life on Tumblr before being moved to and all the more as of late In any case, even a portion of the famous sites you invest energy on each day use WordPress, so you’re surely following after some admirable people on the off chance that you decide to do as such.



Medium is one more incredible stage for sprouting bloggers, particularly the individuals who care more about composing content than the brand. A stage draws in leisure activity bloggers, columnists, and other expert essayists the same, so you’ll end up following some admirable people. While Medium offers a moderate, normalized stylish across the stage, it likewise implies you will not have the option to redo the look. In addition to side, you will not get any promotions or flags on your page.

The stage plans to be a center for savvy and instructive composing spreading over different subjects – from culture to innovation, to legislative issues and that’s only the tip of the iceberg – which settles it an especially decent decision for anybody considering a more exploration-based way to deal with their composition.

Without promotions, you can, in any case, acquire payment from your Medium posts (however this ought not to be your essential impetus) in light of peruser commitment. If a peruser pursues a paid Medium enrollment in the wake of perusing your post you can procure a limited quantity as pay.

Whenever you’ve concluded which writing for a blog stage you will begin with, you’ll have the option to join and follow the (for the most part exceptionally basic) directions to make your blog ready. Follow the connections underneath to pursue your foundation of decision.

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