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Beware Of General Coaches Of Indian Railways

by Deepanshu Suman

Posted on October 28, 2018    567

Beware Of General Coaches Of Indian Railways

Beware When you travel alone so be careful on Jodhpur Indore Express . Read what happend when i have done while travelling alone via general train.

last night when I was traveling from my home to Indore via train 12466 (jodhpur Indore superfast express) I lost my branded shoes :( .

The Whole Scenario Was
I have taken general tickets because I don't want to go via sitting or sleeper so I have taken general tickets, then I have sat on the train from Ramganj Mandi Junction (RMA). the general coaches have not much congested because I know that it was a festival season and the train will go less congested

then there was no seat so I was standing. Moreover, 2 hours passed and then Nagda junction came, I had some food then after 30 minutes the train start journey to Indore Junction (INDB). I have no sleeper tickets so I have gone to a general coach. There were some seats empty of upper berth so I thought to take some rest on upper birth. I don't know but how I fall asleep. I know that my mom called me at 10:18 pm for asking that where I am but I didn't pick my mom call. and sleep then after some time, I woke up at 11:18 pm the train has been reached to Indore junction at 10:30 pm.

I woke up and saw that no one was there on the train then I have searched for my shoes. there were no shoes and then after I came out of the train 2 cops came near me and what are you doing here the train has been reached here 45 minutes ago. I explained that I fell asleep and I said help me to find my shoes they helped me to find my shoes. But Unfortunately, I didn't find my shoes. Then they said that your shoes have been stolen we can't help you. You can leave the station now. So I have to go home.
I didn't found my Adidas NMD shoes and lost them.

1. Don't go for general coaches if you are going then please take care of your things
2. Don't wear branded things while traveling.
3. and at last don't fell asleep.

All that happens actually happens for good but from now I will not do that mistakes again